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Michael Kubik, born in Berlin in 1943

Michael Kubik studied under Willi Sommer, Konrad Wölki and Takashi Ochi (mandolin), Thea von Sparr and Rudolf Barthel (recorders), Erich Bürger (guitar), Maximilian Sternitzki and Konrad Wölki (composition and orchestra conducting). Since the successful completion of his music education in 1966, Kubik has been  teaching in several public music schools in Berlin (former western districts like Steglitz, Zehlendorf and Reinickendorf). Some of his students are now music teachers themselves.
Kubik conducted the TEG’LER ZUPFORCHESTER from 1968 till January 2009 and has been directing the traditional BLOCKFLÖTENORCHESTER NEUKÖLLN since 1978. For ten  years (1971 – 1981), he conducted the ZITHERSPIELKREIS 1878 BERLIN. In 1973, he revived the LANDESZUPFORCHESTER BERLIN (the best mandolin and guitar players of the entire region) and conducted it until 1990. As a  conductur, Kubik has demonstrated his innovative skills in arranging and composing not only for his ensembles, but increasingly for a new kind of orchestra - his joint recorder and plucking orchestra. Composers like  Fried Walter, Herbert Baumann, Helmut Fackler, Hans-Martin Linde and Dimitri Nicolau wrote original pieces for this unique orchestra. As a musician and a conductor, Kubik has toured nearly all central European countries.

From 1974 to 1987, Kubik shared the position of guest lecturer with Takashi Ochi at the BUNDESAKADEMIE FÜR MUSIKALISCHE JUGENDBILDUNG in Trossingen. Teachers and conductors of plucking orchestras attend this academy to upgrade their knowledge and skills. In addition, he was  the head of the plucking department at the MUSIKSCHULE REINICKENDORF from 1988 to 2006. As a musician and soloist, he was featured by the SAARLÄNDISCHES ZUPFORCHESTER and the DEUTSCHES ZUPFORCHESTER, both conducted by Siegfried Behrend. On the theatre scene, he played  at the SCHLOSSPARKTHEATER and the DEUTSCHE OPER BERLIN. Kubik also played with the Radio-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, the Boris-Blacher-Ensemble, the BERLINER ZUPFORCHESTER at the eurofestival zupfmusik in 2002, and the Japanischer Musikverein.

Kubik performed in numerous concerts with well-known soloists, such as violinists, singers, guitarists, flautists, pianists - even with organists and period instrumentalists.

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