CD - A World of Sounds

Klangwelten - A World of Sound
Teg’ler Zupforchester and Blockflötenorchester Neukölln

A CD with recorders, mandolins, guitars and additional instruments

It was a fortunate coincidence that Michael Kubik, professional pedagogue in several music schools in Berlin since 1967, could take over two orchestras, first the TEG’LER ZUPFORCHESTER in 1968 and ten years later the BLOCKFLÖTENORCHESTER NEUKÖLLN. Both ensembles were founded soon after World War II and still today figure large in Berlin’s cultural scene and beyond. Thanks to Kubik’s innovative skills, he managed to develop a new sound by combining these two kinds of orchestra. The result is a colourful combination of players, creating a sound not unlike that of a symphony orchestra – an impressive “World of Sound”.

Among the composers who were inspired to write original pieces for this joint ensemble are Fried Walter, Herbert Baumann, Helmut Fackler and Hans-Martin Linde. Also Dimitri Nicolau joined their ranks recently with his piece “In these difficult days”, probably with autobiographical content, as he died in April of 2008. In addition, there are the arrangements and compositions of Kubik himself. (See the articles in the special periodical “zupfmusik magazin”, edition 4/2000, which is now being published by the Bund Deutscher Zupfmusiker under the name “concertino”; and in “windkanal”, edition 3/2003, published by Verlag Mollenhauer in Fulda.)

The CD was produced in the Fontanehaus, Berlin-Reinickendorf, in November of 2004. It represents the work of a quarter century and spans an era from the baroque (Purcell’s music from “Fairy Queen”) to the groovy atmosphere of “Amusement” by Matthias Friederich via Hans Luck (“Tänze”), Konrad Wölki (“Ouvertüre in G”), Herbert Baumann (“Repetitionen”), Fried Walter (“Fandango”), Michael Kubik (“Variations en arrière”) and Helmut Fackler (“Concerto a due Cori”).

Herbert Baumann describes the CD as “an altogether successful production”. Helmut Fackler sent his “strong praise”; and Dimitri Nicolau mentioned the “beautiful CD” that gave him “renewed musical energy”.

The CD is available under the order number TZO 04/05. It can be bought at the price of  € 12,00
either directly from members of the orchestra or from

- Michael Kubik, Marthastr. 13, 13156 Berlin,  Tel. 030/474 50 22,  Fax 030/49 85 26 06,
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- infocenter zupfmusik, Huulkamp 26,  D-22397 Hamburg, Tel. 040/60 88 90 13, 
Fax 040/60 88 90 14,  e-mail: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Many thanks to Roswitha and Claus Knoefel, Canada, for translating this item.

CD - Klangwelten


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